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Reuters, “Taiwan Election Too Close to Call as US, China Look On”, AsiaOne, 30 December 2011.  Available at:

John Garnaut, “I Was a Sacrifice, Says Jailed Businessman”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 December 2011.  Available at:

Transparency International recently released its “Corruption Perceptions Index 2011”.  The country results are available at:, with a link to the full report on that page.

Request from Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia Founder, for donations to the free online repository of information:

Phillip Coorey, “Labor Splits Over Decision on Uranium”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 November 2011.  Available at:  See commentary by Michael C H Jones at:

The United Nations Population Fund released, on 26 October 2011, a report entitled “State of World Population 2011: People and Possibilities in a World of 7 Billion”.  Available at:  A brief commentary is available from Fiona Harvey in The Guardian, at:

Phillip Coorey, “Gillard Gears for Asian Growth Spurt”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 September 2011.  Available at: 

See commentary by Matt Wade, “Australia Must Learn About Its Neighbours or Suffer 100 Years of Solitude”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 September 2011.  Available at: 

An additional commentary is by Lenore Taylor, “Battle Shifts from Carbon to Economy”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 September 2011.  Available at:

Heather Stewart and Larry Elliott, “EU Given Six Weeks to Protect Itself Against “Inevitable Greek Default”’, The Guardian, 24 September 2011.  Available at:

Scott Murdoch, “Decades of Wealth from Boom as Commodities Exports Forecast to Hit $480bn”, The Australian,  The report referred to in the article is entitled, “Earth, Fire, Wind and Water: Economic Opportunities and the Australian Commodities Cycle”, dated August 2001, and is available at:

Esther Han, “Hurtle Through History as Nation Set to Celebrate Chinese Culture”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 June 2011.  Available at:

Invitation to attend the 2011 Beijing International Conference of Friendly Chambers of Commerce in Beijing from 14th the 16th September 2011.  Details available at:

John Faulkner, “The Wran Speech: The Full Transcript”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 June 2011.  Available at:

AAP, “A Brisbane Woman Wants to Sue the Federal Government for Advice She Says Landed Her in Jail for Eight Months”, The Australian, 6 June 2011.  Available at:

Reuters, “Brazil Grows at Worrying Pace”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 4 June 2011.  Available at:

Matt Chambers and Glenda Korporaal, “Rio Eyes Switch from US Dollars to the Yuan”, The Australian, 4 June 2011.  Available at:

Alexei Barrionuevo, “World Bank to Help Cities Control Climate Change”, The New York Times, 1 June 2011.  Available at:

Keith Bradsher, “Chinese Exports Hit Record for April, “The New York Times, 10 May 2011.  Available at:

Andrew Jacobs, “Confucius Statue Vanished Near Tiananmen Square, The New York Times, 22 April 2011.  Available at:

Royston Chan and Carlos Barria, “Clashes Erupt in Shanghai as Truck Drivers Strike Near Port”, The West Australian, 21 April 2011.  Available at:

Bloomberg, “Red-Faced Officials Condemn China Data Leaks”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 April 2011.  Available at:

Kirsty Needham, “Look to NSW for Multicultural Utopia, Hatzistergos Tells Federal Inquiry”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 April. 2011.  Available at:

John Garnaut, “Yang ‘Sick, Nothing Else’ and Ready to Move on”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 April 2011.  Available at:

John Garnaut “Sino-Australian Political Blogger Vanishes”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 March 2011.  Available at:

AAP, “Deal Struck for FOI Laws to Cover National Broadband Network”, The Australian, 24 February 2011.  Available at:

Harriet Sherwood, “McEwan Denounces Authors of Nihilism in Israel, The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 February 2011.  Available at:

Times Online “Jasmine Revolution to Fight on Despite Internet Crackdown”, The Australian, 21 February.  Available at:

Bloomberg, “Nations to Lift Food Stockpiles, Subsidies”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 21 February 2011.  Available at:

Mumble Blog, “NSW Votes 1984-2007”, The Australian, 30 January 2011.  Available at:  See also comment by Michael C H Jones at:

Dylan Welch, “Gillard Eyes Spooks in Review”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 24 December 2010.  Available at:

Damon Kitney, “Company Directors Explore Ways to Work More Closely with Chinese Outfits”, The Australian, 20 December 2010.  Available at:

Andrew Trounson, "Growing Signs of China Crisis", The Australian, 8 December 2010.  Available at:

Matthew Franklin, "Labor Plots Free-Trade Revolution", The Australian 10 December 2010.  Available at:

John Garnaut, “Mystery Hangs Over Chinese Charges” The Sydney Morning Herald, 2 December 2010.  Available at:

The 2010 Annual Report to Congress by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission is available at:  The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman stated that the report was full of “Cold War mentality as well as political prejudice” at:  See also comment by Michael CH Jones at:

Garry Maddox, “Not Only Warriors in the Tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 November 2010.  Available at:  More details, including extended opening hours, are available at:

Dylan Welch, “Wilkie to Oversee Agencies”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 November 2010.  Available at:

John Garnaut, “Rudd Secures Human Rights Dialogue”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 November 2010.  Available at:

NSW-Asia Business Council is calling for expressions of interest for membership on the Council.  Details are available at:

No author cited, “Xi Who Must Be Obeyed: China’s Communist Party Anoints Xi Jinping as the Country’s Next Leader”, The Economist, 21 October 2010.  Available at:|wwp|10-21-2010|politics_this_week.  See also comment by Rowan Callick in The Australian last May at:

20.10.2010 was declared World Statistic Day by the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation used that “magic-number date” to release International Trade Statistics 2010, World Tariff Profiles 2010 and Trade Profiles 2010.  Available at:

11th International Cities, Town Centres and Communities Society Conference, was held 12-15 October 2010 at Opal Cove Convention Centre, Coffs Harbour, NSW.  Iinformation is available at:

Clancy Yeates, “Budget an ‘Accident Waiting to Happen’”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 28 September 2010.  Available at:

Link to speech by ACBC Chairman Mr Frank Tudor to the farewell dinner to He Zhang Junsai 17 September 2010:,2,13,530.

Announcement of lecture: “Shanghai: Colonialism, Cosmopolitanism and Chinese Modernity”, by Professor David Goodman, Dr Yiyun Wang and Dr Yi Zheng, University of Sydney, 30 September.  Details available at:

Link to the Web page of the Australian International Trade Association and Associates for current information on trade missions to China and a list of conventions and exhibitions:  Additional link to “Mission to China October 2010:

China’s President Hu Jintao announced yesterday (24 May) at the opening session of the second round of China-US Strategic Economic Dialogue in Beijing (with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner) that China would press ahead with currency reforms with a “high possibility” that the yuan will rise against the US dollar during the third quarter.  More information is available at:

Matthew Moore, “Premier Tells Ministers to Obey New FOI Act”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 24 May 2010.  Available at:

Australian National University’s China Update 2010 will be convened on Wednesday 14 July from 8.45 to 5.30 at the Coombs Lecture Theatre, ANU.  Registration details are available at:

Brad Norington, “Barack Obama Brings Wall Street Into Line With New Law”, The Australian, 22 May 2010.  Available at:  Analysis of the legislation is also available from the New York Times, dated 23 May 2010 at:  A copy of the US Senate Report entitled “The Restoring American Financial Stability Act 2010” is available online in PDF at:

Politics of the Henry Tax Review and the superannuation question:

Invitation from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to submit views on the implementation of the International Trade Integrity Act, No 147 of 2007.  Upon commencement, the Act will implement the first three recommendations in Commissioner Terence Cole QC’s Report of the Inquiry into certain Australian companies in relation to the UN Oil-for-Food Programme.  Further information is available at:

The final report of the Australia's Future Tax System Review (also known as the Henry Tax Review) can be obtained online at:

A document related to the above is “The Resource Super Profits Tax: A Fair Return to the Nation” and is available online at:  Other documents and fact sheets related to the RSPT may be obtained from:

A copy of the Asprey Review, which is the tax review that preceded the current tax review, is available at

Tim Colebatch, “Australia 8th-Richest: IMF”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 April 2010.  Available at:  Click here to construct the relevant database from the International Monetary Fund’s 2009-2015 projections.  The full text of the IMF World Economic Outlook 2010 can be obtained at:

Text of paper by Stephen Smith MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, presented a the launch of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Report: Our Western Front: Australia and the India Ocean”, 31 March 2010.  Available at:  A copy of the ASPI’s report is available at:

Susan Wyndham, “Samoan Poet Sweeps Away Australians”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 21 March 2010.  Available at:

Text of speech by the Hon Stephen Smith MP, Minister for Foreign Affiars entitled “Australia and Africa: Looking to the Future”, at the University of Sydney International forum on Africa, Sydney, 19 March 2010.  Available at:

Sydney Girls Steal Paris Fashion Show, as told by Catherine Caines, “The Body is Back on the Catwalk, The Australian 11 March 2010.  Available at:

David Morris, “Time to Sell Sydney’s Extra Dimension”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 January 2010.  Available at:

Bernard Lane, “Sydney Uni Beats Oxford, Harvard in Debating”, The Australian, 5 January 2010.  Available at:

Oliver Hartwich, “We Aren’t Just Larrikins”, The Australian, 24 December 2009.  Available at:

State of Australian Cities 2010 Report is available at:

World Report 2009, issued by Human Rights Watch, is available at: