About the Australia-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New South Wales

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Objectives of the Chamber

Message from the Chamber’s President

Appointment of General Secretary

The Chamber is a non-government association that is registered in New South Wales as a non-profit organisation.  Membership consists of companies that have a trade and investment interest in China.

Secretariat and agents national and international is ACCCI Pty Ltd ACN 008 613 590.  This Internet site is managed by ACCCI Pty Ltd on behalf of the Chamber.

Governor: The Lord Mayor of Sydney.

Patron: The Consul General of the People's Republic of China.

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Structure of ACCCI (Explanatory Text)

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Suite 6
11 West Street
North Sydney NSW 2060
Telephone 612 8920 3376

1) ACCCI Executive Committee:


President - Michael Jones
Senior Vice President - Barrie Unsworth
Vice President - John Dowd
Director Delegations - William Li
Chairman China Liaison Committee - John Wang
Chairman National Liaison Committee - Richard Liu
Convenor Advisory Council - Tony Pun

Chief Representative - Beijing - Mathew Alderson

Chief Representative - Shanghai - Daniel Li

Chief Representative – Xi’an - Dacheng Yuan

Workshops Organiser - Erin Chew

Accountants - Holden & Bolster
Hon Solicitors – Freehills


Barry Unsworth’s biographical information is available at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrie_Unsworth

John Dowd’s biographical information is available at:



2) ACCCI Life Governors/Board:


Chair - Michael Jones
Deputy Chair - Richard Liu
Trade Policy Advisor – John Zerby
Public Policy Advisor - Marilyn Walker
Cultural Policy Advisor - King Fong
Social Policy Advisor - John Wang
Founding President - Darcy Carter
Founding Senior Vice President - Arthur Chang
Former President - Reg Torrington
Former Senior Vice President - Roy Dissmeyer
Former Chinese Community Director - Harry Pang

New appointments to Life Governons/Board in 2011:

 - Barrie Unsworth - supporter since the early 1980s and presenter of the first ACCCI Achiever of the Year Trophy to Sir Peter Abeles in 1988 - Senior Vice President since January 2007

 - John Dowd - supporter since the late 1980s as Attorney General and active in Chamber Human Rights issues re China (Tibet etc) - Second Vice President since January 2007

 - David Odewahn - honorary auditor since 1988/89 and adviser on all matters financial including government legal changes for non-profit organisations

 - Lin Kun - great support for Chamber from mid 1990s re as Senior Economic Consul in the Chinese Consulate General in Sydney til about 2000 and subsequently as ACCCI Chief Representative Beijing 2002/2009

 - Helen Qiao - initiator of Chamber education activities from 2001 and organiser/'shot-gun' for my extensive visits to China during 2002/04 - subsequently ACCCI General Secretary 2005/10

 - Tony Pun - active with Chamber during the 1990s and member of ACCCI Advisory Council from 2003 and currently Coordinator


Former Life Governors Now Deceased:

 - Bo Liu (Former Deputy Governor)
 - Laurie Smith (Former General Secretary)
 - Greg Burns (Former ACT Chief Representative)


3) ACCCI Pty Limited
Director - Michael Jones (CEO)
Director - Marilyn Walker (Non-Executive)