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China’s Cities

We are initiating a catalogue of Web sites that contain useful information about China’s cities, starting with Shanghai and Ningbo.  When you click either of the links below, you will exit from the Chamber’s Web site.  Since we add to the resources or links in our site each week, we hope you will return soon.

Urban Development History of Shanghai, by Huang Nanzhen.  The author is currently enrolled for Master of Urban Development and Design at the University of New South Wales.  The information on his Internet site was submitted as a project for History of Urban Development earlier this year.

We are particularly keen to feature the work of Chinese students in Australia.  Huang Nanzhen is from Shanghai and this gives special significance to his account of the city’s development.  We hope to have more of these in our catalogue in the near future. 

Note that the text and graphics showing the development history of Shanghai are available on a Web site that may become congested.  If it fails to download on the first attempt, try again later.

Ningbo Cultural Heritage Conservation in Urban Upgrading, by the World Bank.  This is part of the World Bank’s multicities development project with Zhejiang Province.  As they state, “Ningbo is an example of a city working hard to resolve the conflicts between rapid urbanisation, economic growth and the conservation of cultural heritage”.

It is a pictorial presentation of recent urban improvements and restorations in Ningbo, with 36 excellent digital photographs and graphics.

For anyone who expects to visit Shanghai or Ningbo in the near future, these sites should not be missed.  For the rest of us, the sites are certain to add interest.


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