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Incoming Delegations from China




Tianjin City

Date of the visit: Late November or early December 2005.
Members: Total 6 members

Objectives of visit:

To meet with Chamber executives and deepen trade and investment relations with Australian business organisations.

Members of the Delegation:

1.       Mr. Zhu Tong, Department Manager, CCIT Tianjin Sub-Council, DOB: 08-05-1967

2.       Mr. An Huatang, Director, Tianjin Foreign Trade Group International Trade Agent Co., Ltd, DOB: 10-02-1955

3.       Mr. Jiang Weizang, Deputy Manager, Tianjin Foreign Trade Group Equipment Co., Ltd, DOB: 06-08-1959

4.       Mr. Wang Zhishang, Deputy Manager, Tianjin Foreign Trade Group Textiles and Garments Co., Ltd, DOB: 04-10-1949

5.       Mr. Lu Jiangqun, Manager, Tianjin Foreign Trade Group Consumer Goods Co., Ltd, DOB: 05-07-1956

6.       Mr Zhu Fuliang, Business Manager, Tianjin Weizhi Chemicals Co., Ltd, DOB: 06-10-1955

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