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Over the last 25 years the rationale for the Chamber has changed as trade in goods and services grew to more than $A25 billion per year between the two countries, including Taiwan Province.  There is now a great diversity of experience both in Australia and in China where China-Australia Chambers of Commerce have been established in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Many of the larger corporate groups, even those with their headquarters in Sydney and Melbourne, believe they have the in-house expertise to manage their China operations.  Smaller-to-medium size companies still tend to look to government whether Austrade or other Federal and State Departments for assistance.  In some respects there has been a move away from the traditional bilateral trade association for support.

For this reason, in 1999 ACCCI formed an Advisory Council which over 12 months sought to determine whether or not Chamber should continue and if so in what form.  The outcome was very surprising and not flattering for what might be called the “trade culture” of Australia or the “born global” spirit of company formation.

One finding was that there needed to be a great deal of work on explaining the opportunities, as well as dangers, after China joins the WTO, particularly from international competition over the next decade. The real impact of globalisation, beyond the newspaper headlines, is little understood.  Chamber has an important role in helping its members and associates operate in a borderless world.


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