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Julian Assange Section

Edward Snowden

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Julian Assange

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Announcements and Links to Media Releases of the WikiLeaks Party

National Council Meeting Minutes 25 May 2013.

WikiLeaks Party demand federal shield laws for journalists 12 May 2013.

WikiLeaks Party to run Senate candidates in Victoria, NSW and Western Australia 6 April 2013.




Sydney Peace Prize

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Full list of past recipients is available at: http://sydneypeacefoundation.org.au/sydney-peace-prize/peace-prize-recipients/.




Other Peoples Diplomacy Issues

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Text of the speech by The Hon. Julie Bishop MP, Deputy Leader of the Federal Opposition and Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs at the Australia-China Business Summit at the Parliament House of NSW on 31 August 2009 is available at:  http://www.accci.com.au/BishopJspeech.pdf.  Media release with photograph is available at:  http://www.accci.com.au/ACSCSMedia.pdf.

A new national organisation for town and city centre development in New Zealand held its second annual general meeting.  Details are available at: http://www.urbannz.co.nz/TownsCitiesNZ/tabid/371/Default.aspx.

Call for papers for the 11th International Cities Town Centres and Communities Society Conference, 12 – 15 October 2010 at the Opal Cove Convention Centre in Coffs Harbour.  Complete information is available at: http://www.ictcsociety.org/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=F2QeWiKvBMQ%3d&tabid=105.