The Australia-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New South Wales

For the establishment of strong and lasting economic linkages
between non-government organisations in Australia and China


Visit included:





January/February 2002

Mr Michael C. H. Jones, President of the Australia China Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New South Wales (ACCCI), visited China between 21 January and 3 February 2002.

The single most important priority for this visit was the Chamberís organisational arrangements in China and communications between the Chamber and counterpart organisations in China.

New Organisational Arrangements

Mr John Wang was appointed as Chairman of the ACCCI China Liaison Committee and is therefore the senior person for the Chamber throughout China, including Hong Kong SAR and Chinese Taipei.John was ACCCI Chief Representative in Beijing for the past four years.

Mr Lin Kun was appointed as the new ACCCI Chief Representative Beijing.Most Chamber members and friendly organisations will remember Mr Lin Kun as the Head of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Consul General of the Peopleís Republic of China in Sydney for 6 years.He recently retired and is now residing in Beijing.

ACCCI Chief Representative Beijing represents the Chamber in relevant economic, trade, commercial, ceremonial, public affairs and cultural functions in Beijing.He will also work with Mr John Wang in the implementation of ACCCI Key Cities Strategy.


The Central Communications Centre in China is to be set up in Wuhan City in Hubei Province.Its location in the city will be announced within the next two or three months.Other regional communications centres are expected to follow, including Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province and Chengdu in Sichuan Province.

These centres will collect and compile information about cities in China for publication and distribution by the Chamber.They will also serve as distribution centres for information to the Chinese about the Chamber and about Australia.

The centres will be contact points for Chamber members who visit the respective cities and will provide venues, and associated organisational support, for seminars and workshops in various aspects of two-way trade and investment between Australia and China.

Details relating to both of these arrangements will be issued on this Internet site as they become available.


A celebration lunch was convened for the Chamber by Mr. Chen Yiyun, President, China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) Hubei Sub-Council, at the Shangri-La Hotel in Wuhan City.His staff were directed to make the Australia Day celebration lunch a top priority for organisational purposes.The Hubei Foreign Service Co-operation co-ordinated the arrangements.

Approximately 40 selected government officials, business people, and media representatives including 4 major television stations and 4 major newspaper groups attended the celebration.

Mr. John Wang, Chairman ACCCI China Liaison Committee from Beijing, chaired the celebration lunch and Helen Qiao from the ACCCI Secretariat, was the principle adviser and the translator.

The Australian National Anthem, both verses, was played at the commencement of the proceedings, and the Australian and New South Wales flags were flown.The ACCCI logo was conspicuous as were many symbols of Australia such as the koala and kangaroo.

The Australian Ambassador David Irvine in Beijing kindly donated Australian red wines from the southeastern states.The Shangri-la Hotel provided a very colourful banner and international standard banquet setting with a large featured announcement for Australia Day in the hotel lobby reception.

This Australia Day celebration lunch in Wuhan City also acted as the official launch of the ACCCI Central Communications Centre in China.



Today is the 26th of January 2002.This is the day that Australia, the Commonwealth Australia, celebrates as its national day - the day when we became a nation in 1901.

So this day will not happen again.It is the year 2002 and this is the 101st anniversary of Australiaís founding as a nation.

In Australian thinking, a re-back number, that is a number that reads backwards the same as forwards, is thought to be very lucky.So we are now doubly lucky with 2002 and 101.

But Australia was colonised by the British from 1788, so we only have just over 200 years of history.We have made great progress in those years to be one of the richest countries in the world.Our future depends on our own initiative and self-reliance.

The Chamber, of which I am the President, has now been in existence for over 25 years and we have worked with hundreds of Chinese cities.I refer you to our Website as proof of this statement.

Today, as part of the celebrations of Australia Day, Chamber formerly launches its headquarters (or organising centre for China) in Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

This shows the Chamberís commitments:

v      A commitment to Australia in China;

v      A commitment to China as an equal partner in the world;

v      A commitment to Hubei Province as a partner with the State of New South Wales;

A commitment to Wuhan City as our partner with Sydney.

We all live, Chinese and Australians, in the global society of the United Nations, WTO (World Trade Organisation), World Bank and International Court of Justice.In a new world in a new century we all have to be good global citizens.

Australia and Australians will play their part:

We will play our part in this geo-political region of the Asia Pacific;

We will play our part as a constitutional democracy, where the people have the final decision and the rule of law is paramount;

We will integrate into the global economic system and trade and invest with all countries for the improvement of the living conditions of all people;

We will continue the Australian traditions of a multi-cultural society where all people are equal and we will remain self-confident and self-reliant.

I would ask you to join with me to toast Australia Day, 26th January 2002, the 101st anniversary of my country, and also to formerly launch the ACCCI, Wuhan City, China Headquarters.



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