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This portion of the Website contains links to significant photos and historical documents since the 1980s.  New entries will be added as they become available and therefore there will be gaps which will be filled over time – like a jigsaw puzzle that you will enjoy returning to over and over to discover new pieces with new insights of the ACCCI story.  We hope you enjoy the process.

The Multinational Firm in the Pacific Basin: Perspectives for Future Industrial Relations Law in Australia, paper by Michael C H Jones, 1975

The Austrader 8 November 1993

Trading with China Seminar in June 1978 with Darcy Carter, Richard Liu and Arthur Chang listed in the programme

Back issues of the Business Newsletters that were more practically oriented in the terms of business practices in China. and back issues of the Electronic Newsletters that focused on the then-current economic and political developments in China.

Negotiating the Future by Understanding the Past, by Michael C.H. Jones

Elder Statesman (William J. Liu OBE) Remembered

A thank you to Darcy Carter.

Valediction for Mike Jones’ parents: James Cornelius and Elizabeth Hetherington Jones

Appointment of Dr Anthony Pun OAM, JP, PhD, FACBS to the ACCCI Advisory Council, 2 August 2003

Lin Kun and John Wang Visit Sydney in February 2004

Appointment of Helen Qiao as ACCCI General Secretary, 16 September 2004

Comment by David Burchell to honour the memory of Zhao Ziyang:,25197,25565698-7583,00.html

Old ideas that remain relevant:

Caucus removes Kevin Rudd

Comments by Michael C H Jones on an article in the New Yorker by Jane Mayer on 30 August 2010:

John Garnaut, “Little Evidence New Leader’s Father a Man of the People”, The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 November 2012.  Available at:

Archives are for the Record and Judgement,” by Michael C H Jones, 2 July 2013.

Photo archives:

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