Australia-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry
of New South Wales









Speeches by Members of Chamber Executive


Michael C H Jones, President, Speech to the ACCA Asia-Pacific Interest Group, 22 November 2011.  http://www.accci.com.au/JonesSpeechtoACCA.pdf.


Michael C H Jones, President, Annivesary Comments, 14 September 2011.  http://accci.com.au/JonesAnniversaryComment.pdf.


ACCCI Political Briefings: Barry O’Farrell MP, NSW Leader of the Opposition Thursday 27th May 2010.  http://www.accci.com.au/Political_Briefings_Barry_O.pdf.


ACCCI Media Briefings: Interview with Robert Kerwin and Joseph Albert for China Daily, International Business Daily, World Eye Reports - Friday 21st May 2010.  http://www.accci.com.au/ACCCI_Briefings_WER_CD_IBD.pdf.


A Chamber “Welcome to Sydney” from Michael C.H. Jones, 17th February 2010.  http://www.accci.com.au/ChamberWelcome.pdf.


For media attention:  A short biography of Michael C.H. Jones with ‘thumb nail’ photograph is available at: http://www.accci.com.au/jonesbio.pdf.  A brief history of the Chamber can be obtained at: http://www.accci.com.au/historyofACCCI.pdf.


Michael C.H. Jones, President, Speech to the Yunnan Province Delegation, 11 August 2008.  In English.  Plus letter to the Leader of the Yunnan Delegation, 12 August. In English.

”Dialogue on the Status of Taiwan”, email communications between Michael C. H. Jones, President, and Dr Chen, March 2008.  In English.

‘An International Economic Relations Role for Municipal Government: A Career Path for Young Professionals’, speech by Michael C.H. Jones, President, at the Business Networking Forum for Young Professional, 5 July, 2007. In pdf.

Speech to Itochu Australia Limited Staff Forum, Friday 7th July 2006, by Michael C.H. Jones.

Michael C.H. Jones, President, “Statement to the Jiangmen City Delegation” (Guangdong Province) on Friday 3rd September 2004 in Sydney. In English.

Michael C.H. Jones, President, “Invest in Australia”, at Invest Australia Seminars: Fuzhou, 12 April 2002; Wuhan, 18 April 2002; Nanjing, 20 April 2002; Jinan, 22 April; Beijing. 25 April 2002.  In Chinese.

For other speeches at the Invest in China Seminar: click here

Michael C.H. Jones, President, “Township and Village Enterprises”, at Township and Village Enterprises Seminar, Wuhan, 15 April 2002.
In English.

Michael C.H. Jones, President, “Business Networking in the Asia Pacific Region”, at the Asian Media Centre Business Forum “Success in China”, 22 March 2002.

Michael C.H. Jones, President, “A New World in the New Century, at the Australia Day Celebration, Wuhan, 26 January 2002.  In English.
In Chinese.

Michael C.H. Jones, President, “ACCCI Key City Strategy and Programme in China 2002/2004” at the Sister City Forum “Making Sister City Relations Work for the Economic Benefit of Both Parties”, Sydney, 12 March 2002.

For other speeches at the Sister City Forum: click here.

Michael C.H. Jones, “Message from the President”, at the launching of the Chamber’s Internet Site, Sydney, 14 September, 2001





February 2016

Michael C H Jones, ACCCI President
Letter to the Hon Gladys Berejiklian



August 2015

Chamber submission to:

The Hon. John Ajaka MLC 
Minister for Multiculturalism
Government of New South Wales



March 2012

Chamber submission to
Australia in the Asian Century Task Force

PO Box 600, Canberra ACT 2600



June 2009

“Global Norms: A Context and Framework for Anti-Dumping Legislation”

ACCCI Submission to:

The Australia Productivity Commission Inquiry into Australia’s Anti-Dumping System





Media Releases and Other Communications

Chamber Emails Relating to the Stern Hu Case, http://www.accci.com.au/ReSternHuEmail.pdf.

Photo of Michael C H Jones, President, that was published on the (New York) Herald Tribune World Youth Forum Alumni Association Website in reference to the 1965 Newsletter: http://www.accci.com.au/JonesinSaigon.pdf.

Michael C H Jones, President, letter to The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian, 28 February 2016.

Open Letter to Malcolm Turnbull, dated 17 September 2015.

Letter to North Sydney Council, dated 13 June 2015.

Email correspondence to Frank Coletta, Senior Political Correspondent, Daily Mail Australia

Email to Adam Bell, Journalist, dated 29 April 2014.

Memo to Grant Lovett, Chief of Staff, Hon. Joe Hockey MP, dated 4 February 2013.

Letter to Joe Hockey MP, Shadow Treasurer, dated 12 November 2012.

Media releases about Vale Frank Walker by Jones/Pun dated 20 June 2012 and by Mary Gaudron, dated 17 June 2012.

Text of email released: Michael C H Jones to Dr Ken Henry, 25 May 2012.

Open Letter to the Premier, Barry O’Farrell from Michael C H Jones, 1 March 2012.

Email relating to article in the Australian Financial Review from Michael C H Jones, 2 March 2012.

Text of email released: Michael C H Jones to Kevin Rudd, MP, 24 February 2012.

Support for Global Link Media, Michael C H Jones to Ms Crichelle Cuna, November 2011.

Statement to Global Link Media, with Michael C H Jones and Elizabeth Dusch 6 February 2012.

Exchange of emails with Michael C H Jones and Rachael Lebihan December 2011.

Email Interview with Michael C H Jones 5 July 2010 (Chau).

Email Interview with Michael C H Jones 5 July 2010 (James).

Email Interview with Michael C H Jones 7 June 2010.

ACCCI suspends all major on-going projects 6 January 2009.  Click here for announcement and details.

Media Release 14 August 2009: ACCCI Supports the Australia-China Sister Cities Summit and the Australia-China Business Summit to be held on 31 August 2009.  Click here for Media Release.

Media Release 18 March 2009:  ACCCI Applauds Lowy Institute Blue Ribbon Panel Report entitled: “Australia’s Diplomatic Deficit – Reinvesting in Our Instruments of International Policy”.
Click here for Media Release. 
Click here for the copy of the Blue Ribbon Report upon which the Media Release was based.

Preface’, by Michael C.H. Jones, to the forthcoming book, Australia Business Guide 2008-2009 by Mr Lin Kun, is available at
http://www.accci.com.au/Australian Business Guide 2008-2009.pdf.  

Dr Anthony Pun was appointed as the new Coordinator of the ACCCI Advisory Council, effective 1 July 2008.  Refer to previous announcement of his appointment as a member of he Advisory Council at http://www.accci.com.au/pun.htm, and his Curriculum Vitae is published at http://www.accci.com.au/Tony Pun CV.htm.

Chinese Consul-General in Sydney Hosts Dinner for ACCCI Executive Members, Tuesday 17 June 2008.  In English.

Pre-dinner Briefing notes.  In English.

Transcription of the interview with Michael C H Jones for “Focus Reports” for publication in International Business Daily, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. October 2005.  In English.  Copy of letter from IBD asking for the interview.  In English.

Chamber Request to Minister Macdonald on Chinese Taipei – uploaded 4 December 2003 (Word document).

Hon. Jim Anderton, New Zealand Minister for Industry and Regional Development and Hon Jim Sutton, New Zealand Minister for Trade Negotiation, “Major Investment to Boost Economic Innovation”, 23 May 2002.
In Word document.


Presentations in China


Presentations at the First Australia-China Agricultural Forum in Wuhan in November 2002 – by Australian and Chinese delegates.


Speeches at Chamber Functions


Speech by Clover Moore, MP, Lord Mayor of Sydney at the opening of the Chamber’s Secretariat Office, 29 June 2004.  Click for copy of speech.

Speech by Mr Du Wei, Deputy Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China in Sydney at the opening of the Chamber’s Secretariat Office, 29 June 2004.  Click for copy of speech.